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Motivational Growth


It’s that time of year. Once again, I ready for the Valhalla of geekery that is known as GenCon. My brother and I go most every year, but this year’s a little different. This year, a film that our sister is in (Motivational Growthwill be showing at the convention (click above picture for event details). And now my sister is very suddenly visiting her first GenCon. It’s her first time…and she’ll be on a QnA panel! How did my little sister get on a QnA panel at GenCon before me? What a strange world…

Are you ready? Is GenCon ready? Because the Doetsches are showing up in force. For the first time ever, we siblings three will be gathered, at the same time, in the same convention. THE EARTH MIGHT SHATTER! That’s right! See GenCon as it was always meant to be seen: In 3-Doetsch!!!

We siblings three...

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