Written Works


  • Strangeness in the Proportion — Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy gets girl back…one piece at a time. This is a love story. It was written with a scalpel.






Short Fiction


  • The Strix Chronicle Anthology — My short story “Lullay, Lullay” is featured in this Vampire the Requiem anthology of the hungry dead and weirdness.
  • Book of Dead Things — My short story “Blood, Snow, and Sparrows” can be found in this macabre anthology. You can’t keep the dead down.


Game Writing

Blood&Smoke small


You’re not human tonight…





  • The Hunters Hunted II — I wrote the section on the Society of Leopold (and the Epilogue in Chapter Six) in this pen & paper RPG game book for Vampire the Masquerade.





  • The Secret World — I wrote the lore entries for this MMO and took over as Lead Writer in 2013. Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.”
  • Age of Conan — I’ve served as Lead Writer for this MMO since 2009, writing expansions like “Rise of the Godslayer,” “The Savage Coast of Turan,” “The House of Crom,” and “Secrets of Dragon’s Spine.”

Audio Fiction



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