Happy days come in 20 gigabyte bites. Fore nearly a year I’ve gone without music or tunes of any kind in my car. That’s four hour trips home and back to school (and various treks to the Eureka college call) with no sounds other than the voices in one’s head. Just me and the dead corpse of a radio…and a perfectly healthy CD changer…that requires the radio. The shit that comes out of my mouth, alone in my car, by hour 3.75692 might have some running for an exorcist.

But that’s all done. Got my trusty MP3 player this week. I’ve filled it with music…I have gobs and gobs (those are English system gobs) of memory left having only used a smidge (that’s a metric smidge…I should really make my measurement systems congenial to one another…).

So far that’s 900+ songs and a smattering (metric smattering) of short stories. And it can go with me anywhere (even have an in-car cradle and radio receptor when and if I ever get that radio fixed) whether its in my car, in someone else’s car, at my desk, out and about. If I want to put together a soundtrack play-list for shopping at Super-Walmart at 4 in the morning and listen to it while I do it…I can. If I want to listen Iggy Pop read “The Tell-Heart” while I’m at the gym…I can. If I want to do the “Thriller” dance at Lincoln’s tomb while listening to said track (I don’t think there is a particular rule against this…but I’ll have to test it out to be sure)…I CAN!!!

Thus my various trips to Eureka have been and will be more pleasant. Yesturday I got to see some Acting III monologues. GOOD JOB GUYS! It’s interesting to see what the actors will do with pieces they picked out for themselves. I also got to help Nick in a small way for one of his pieces…not having worked together on anything entertainment related in a while.

And now it’s the NyQuill induced coma to force me to sleep ‘cause work needs me during the morning hours.