Metaphysical jet lag puts bags under the mind’s eye.

“I don’t understand why I sleep all day,
And I start to complain that there’s no rain.”

All I can do is write a book to stay awake 😉

I’m correlating voodoo lore and an ocean of old notes on my epic. I’ll finish doing that tomorrow night (doh! tonight). I’ll start the writing, in earnest, on Thursday (throwing in the bits and chapters that I already have done, as I get to them). I hope to have the first arch (the real world) of the story done by the end of next week. Then it’s a month sprint to the finish line. Oh God.

I started, the other day, working on a photo/prose/poetry book with my Dad. He’s scanned some of his better photos into a program that allows you to make a book, send it via the internet, and pay a company to print it out for you. He’s supplying the pictures and I’m doing the words – the working title is VISIONS: poetry in words, light and shadow.

Still no word from White Wolf (not sure when I hear from them).

And a shout out to all you fine, young cannibals out there – people are Atkins friendly.