OK…haven’t really given much of an update in a while…been busy…here it goes:



Went back up north.  I needed the getaway.  Road trips, even a short one, with someone else in the car, are good.  Went to a haunted house that was a little disappointing…but still fun.  I finished all the episodes of Firefly (really enjoyed the show…postmortem, but hopefully, with the movie, we shall see it spurt back to life).  Also ingested  some Simpson’s Halloween specials (a must).


I came under the distinct, paranoid notion that my Grandmother’s worry, over my spiritual well-being (according to her Catholic notions), has spread to other members of my extended family and that now, underneath the normal smiles and laughs and jokes and good times, they are in turn worried about my running “astray” (what with the roleplaying games I’ve played, lack of recent church attendance, black clothing, and the “dark” things I tend to write about).  This saddens me a bit, that they might miss the forest for the trees, the good intentions for the skull necklaces – that they think they might need to save me…from being me.  It’s not a big deal now…but I have a feeling it’ll come to more of a head, somewhere not so far down the line (I dread when some of them ask to look at my epic, when its done, and miss the important things…not seeing past the evil “occult” [whatever that word really means] stuff).


I love them all and hope these things won’t get in the way…but their side of thinking carries the acrid scent of ultimatums and absolutes.  On reflection, I realize that none of this is going to stop me from doing what I do…so there’s little need to meditate on it further.  Full speed ahead.


Epic Poem Under Construction

I LOVE doing readings in class.  It always boosts my ego/confidence, to get through the nights of banging my head on my key-board and wondering why I’m not doing anything more important…like chair building.  The class has gotten to know me.  They like my stuff.  They’ve built up a sort of anticipation that hums on my readings days – says what is he going to unleash on us now? – and tickles me.  I read.  They pay attention.  I get to talking different voices.  They listen.  I get to elicit few laughs and a few shudders and I feel like a rockstar.  They’ve been my testing ground for this thesis.  I’ve read the prose stuff to them…but, more importantly, I’ve read the poetic.  I’ve been experimenting with the concepts and forms and conceits of the poetic part and had gotten to the point where I wasn’t sure if anyone else would understand or react to this strange, mutant thing…but they seem to be getting it and liking it and giving me feedback that helps me figure out what still needs to be done to it.  So I’ve gathered some of their more encouraging comments below.  This isn’t just an ego stroke (or maybe it is and I’m just trying to hide it under layers and layers of false humility) so much as a reminder for me later.  My moods, by nature, are not very bi-polar…but they are when it comes to writing.  The next time I feel like I’m not getting anywhere…I can look back up here.  So here goes:


-Great use of repetitions and consistent archetypes and alliteration.  You’re a very good writer.  Sort of like Neil Gaiman meets Samuel Colleridge.  [This guy did not know me or my auther preferences…so this comment got me excited…though I’ll have to start reading Colleridge and see if there’s a resemblance.]

-I love your unique style.

-Once again, very excellent prose.  It’s filled with language that is both philosophical and tense and a shockingly consistent tone.

-You are able to capture dark rather well.

-You captured Curly and Jack.  They are clearly described and defined.  There words make them come to life.

-This story slowly unfolds but it’s right on time.  Great job.  Why do you write so dark and spiritual?

-I enjoy the way you write a story and it also reads like poetry.  The ability you have to compare as well as intertwine words also brings your writing to life.

-Pure dark poetry!

-As always, your descriptions and attention to detail is outstanding, very realistic so readers are able to lose themselves in the story.

-I like the wordplay (alliteration + repetition), even though the interludes are prose, they do not lose the musical sound of “Book One.”

-I flippin’ LOVE this line!

-I love reading your stories…but especially hearing you read them out loud.

-The imagery and alliteration are awesome – it begs to be read again and again.

-Josh—This is incredibly original! You really do have a command of the language and the structure. It definitely has that ol’ Neil Gaiman feel to it.


I’ve also been told that I have a nice assonance 😉


And certainly the constructive bits of criticism and analysis are as important and have been digested, recorded, or utilized already.



Play practice is going well.  The director really likes what I’m doing.  I’ve always wanted to play Oedipus Rex.  I’m glad my friend Joanna (who thinks I have a nice assonance) convinced me to go try out.  I forgot how much I miss performing.  Since grad school started, I’ve mostly concentrated on writing.  Acting was just on the verge, I could feel it, of becoming one of those things that I might say, “Yeah…I used to do that…in college.”  Good save.  And good assist Joanna.


Tonight, I walked the girl in charge of costumes across campus, after rehearsal (because it was late and dark and there might have been nefarious folk out there…so all the better to walk with a nefarious looking guy).  She said she was really impressed with what she saw (she doesn’t see the practices on a day to day basis…so the progress gets to her in bursts).  She told me she thought I should be in movies as I had a very “intense and unique face” and that, if she had to pinpoint what it was, she’d have to say it was my nose.  So there you go Torrie…someone else shares your love of my nose.


I told her she should see my assonance.