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Wow. I just watched Vanilla Sky. It was more than a little mind-blowing. Definitely one of the better “reality isn’t what you think” movies. But I still prefer Dark City. It’s kind of late and I don’t have much else to write. So I think I’ll go to sleep. That is . . . unless I’m already asleep. Maybe I’m dreaming. Maybe none of this is true! How can I know any of the knowledge I posses is real? The senses can be fooled! What can I believe?

Wait a second. A friend once told me that if you can feel your underwear, then you exist. Let’s see . . . . . . . . wait a second. I can’t feel my underwear. I can’t feel my underwear!!! I don’t exist! Reality is . . . .

Oh wait…I’m not wearing any underwear.

That’s a load off.

I guess I’ll just get some sleep then.