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I’m looking for lords, ladies, and lieges. I’m looking to be your court storyteller. And so, I made my own Patreon page.

Click that link for a fuller explanation of what that is and how it works. The short of it is that I’ll be writing little weird stories every month (both in text and in audio). There are extra perks for those who desire them.

Even more, I want a space to commune with readers. I’ve gathered in some lovely communities in my work (particularly in video game writing), and I want to stay in immediate touch (and dole out bits of story) in between the bigger projects. So I’ve made the point of entry low. While there are higher tiers, $1 is enough for the main event — the monthly story and access to the patron-only posts.

What goes on in the patron-only posts? I’ll show behind the scenes peeks at things, involving upcoming projects and my process. Already, I’ve posted a bonus mythos story as well as my very first published short story (the embarrassment!).

One buck gets you into the circus of the strange. Pass it on! Join before the 1st of the month (tomorrow) and receive the very first of the monthly stories.