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GenCon 2016 is upon us! August 3rd through the 7th will see me (as it does most every year) in Indianapolis for a glorious gathering of geekery. This year, however, I’ll be there in an official capacity, speaking on the Writers Symposium.

Who all is going? Hit me up. I’m looking for games to play in my off time.

My updated schedule is listed below. Most Writers Symposium events (except signings) take place in the Westin (rooms listed with each event). The entire Writer’s Symposium schedule can be found HERE.


2:00 PM — Signing (Room: Exhibit Hall)
 6:00 PM — Reading: Joshua Alan Doetsch and Suzanne Church (Room: Causus)


9:00 AM — Marketing: Social Media 101 (Room: Chamber)
11:00 AM — Writer’s Craft: Creating Truly New Ideas (Room: Chamber)
2:00 PM — Video Game Writing: What NOT To Do As a Game Writer (Room: Cabinet)


12:00 PM — Signing (Room: Exhibit Hall)
3:00 PM — Video Game Writing: Worldbuilding for Game Worlds (Room: Cabinet)

 7:00 PM — Writer’s Round Table: The Force Awakens (Room: Capital 1)


12:00 PM — Writer’s Round Table: Game of Thrones (Room: Capital 1)