This has been the summer of computer sickness. Mine is in the shop (getting a new motherboard). The household comunal computer is very sick (I think it has syphilis). So I’m forced to use the library whenever it happens to be on my way.

But soon I shall be back at school with a fast conection and my own computer back and the live journal updates willf flow like…some type of fluid that flows in copious quantities, “flowin’ like an avalanche, comin’ down the mountain.”

Let’s see…I’m still trying to get my darling little baby indigo to eat (she is stuborn but that is normal). Nick and I have made visits to Chi-town, seeing a preview of a play with Nichole Walker (titled “Papa’s Got a Brand New Baghdad”) who acted in the indi film (BLACK DAYS) we did in the winter. We hung out with her for a while afterwords – circling the set of the new batman movie (but never getting in), wandering the streets, and playing ski-ball and shooting digital zombies at Dave and Busters.

Now I prepare for school…