A;lkdjf;lakjf;lasjfd;lasf;lajsf;klakljsd…I’ve been organizing files on my computer all day and my mind/hands/face are going numb. Ah well. I received an email from an actress/writer I met on Urnikis’s independent film Black Days over last winter. We exchanged some writing (as we promised to do when we met outside the Batman Begins set over the summer…never go in though…but we did see the Gotham City Swat team and a helicopter). She gave the kind of comments that keep me writing for another day. She said I was “sardonic” (I love when people say that) and that I wrote women very well (that comment made my day). But I ramble…and about myself…but this is a journal…

I’m always fascinated by short-short fiction. During the Spring, one of the students in my short story class introduced the idea of Flash 55 fiction. Stories told in 55 words. As an exercise we had to take three random words and write a 55 word story using them, in five minutes. I got the words “tickled,” “wiggled,” and “giggled.” This would suggest a happy story…but I wasn’t going to roped into that…no sir. Here’s the story (another of the things I have rediscovered as I dig deeper into the files of my now healed computer).


As a child, throwing flies into spider webs fascinated me. The tiny, private act of primordial violence gave me a guilty glee. I tickled the silken strands and the flies wiggled and I giggled.

The game evolved – the webs now more elaborate, the silver strands now thicker, and the flies now scream.

I still giggle.

Yes, Lenore has struck again! However my last count was off, as she did not eat one of the mice, but hid it from me (the little scamp). Anyway…let’s have our official count…ahem!

LENORE’S DEATH COUNT: Hey kids! Fivel says, “There are no cats in America…but there are Indigo snakes and Lenore has eaten 14 mice and she ate my whole family…soooooooomewhere, oooooooout there, weee’ll find… Woops! We regret to inform the boys and girls that Lenore’s count is now 15. We’ll have a new spokesperson next week.

Ok…one word of the day…and then I can sleep…

Scrumtrulescent…no, wait…that’s not a word…

Screw it. I’m going to sleep.