Had Lenore out today and with the help of Torrie, took a little photo shoot of the little snake. Photos coming soon. Right now, I’m working, working, working, working on getting things organized with my thesis.

So for now…here’s some weird free writing stuff…

I once knew a gypsy fortuneteller who would tell fortunes, by the twilight of a convenience store sign, after they had happened. I told her she was always late. She told me she was always accurate.

…of ruining things that were fun and innocent. In second grade, we had gift week. You’d exchange presents with a buddy, one little gift a day. Students also had the option of purchasing one, large gift, one that could be broken down to five smaller pieces – one for each day.

George gave me a hamster.

Ride with the top down.
Don’t look back too much.
Appreciate the now.
And always ask for whipped cream on top.

I found the forgotten library in the ruins and in the library was a book. This book looked new and this book looked ancient – like a child with eon old eyes. The pages were thick and good. They murmured ashen words when flipped. Not like the flimsy paper-pulp of today.

Stories slept in the pages – different stories every time I opened the book. I am at a loss to say what affected the tales; the time of day or the location I opened the text or the thought in my head.

I read a play that I’d never heard of, by Shakespeare, about a city down under the sea. I read a poem by Poe to a forgotten lover, torn up by another suitor before reaching her eyes. I read a lost bible passage and it made everything more clear. I read a tale born in Mark Twain’s dreams, but never brought to paper. I read Volumes I and II by a blind monk of Byzantium…and suspect no one else has…