Coming-home-from-Home-coming and I haven’t posted in some time. So let us flicker-flash away the days and pick up that temporal slack to a present strain…

Went to the stomping ground campus of yore. Got to my bro, Nick’s, dorm. Here I opened his door. Beer was here…and much, much more. I drank, and drank some more. I’d be listlessly lying for denying that it made me sore. Bad parody of Poe…nevermore!

Ok, that’s out of my system. I stayed with Nick in the Sig house. And his fraternity brothers were very accommodating. I never was much of a frat guy while at Eureka…but they made me welcome enough. Magic tricks, super Nintendo, air hockey, and many a beer.

Wednesday – chant skits. Had some fun.

Thursday – theatre night. Had fun watching the skits. Met up with Torrie and Wil and others. Partied a bit. Walked with Torrie in the Rain. Danced with Torrie in the rain (but she did a fine job describing the scene). We crossed paths with a black…salamander (a Tiger Salamander to be exact). They are big, slow salamanders you can pick up off the ground. So we got to examine him/her for a bit, before depositing it back in the mud. I like the rain and Torrie likes the rain and it was a nice night.

Friday – Oh…..God….what happened Friday…having days off from work and school and staying in a strange frat house has a way of blurring the hours into days together. Uh…stuff happened…I recall tug of war…I think I may have been in Rich’s room briefly…late…

Saturday – I slept through the parade but watched the football game. We lost. Met up with Torrie again. Saw a few other familiar faces…as well as the Red Devil himself! That night, I went with Kris and Wil to the Labyrinth (didn’t know we had one…didn’t know it doesn’t have to have walls). I guess the Chaplin put it up as a medative place to physically and metaphysically traverse the soul in some sort of preternatural walk-about. We sat by it and drank rum in the dark. THIS WAS VERY FUN! This definitely has to become a ritual if it hasn’t already. Kris gave me a neck rub (THANK YOU THANK YOU KRIS!…I give many neck rubs but almost never get ANY in return, and even less by people who know how). We talked of many things…including naked fingers. Then – all to the bowling alley party. More drinking and fun and Wil proved the power of my fedora, like some kind of Blues Brother’s stud on the dance floor. I enjoyed my newly repaired neck.

Sunday – Nick and I made a trek to sweet home Chicago to visit the below mentioned art exhibit of Daina (who has expressed interest in doing artwork for my thesis). It was at SCHIZOCLUB. A cool place – they even have a hookah room. Daina’s art is great and I think it will work well with my words. In fact…the feeling is mutual and now (Joy of Joy’s) I get my first solo, public reading, down in an art gallery in Chicago. MARK YOUr CALLENDERS – I’ll be reading at Schizoclub on Sunday, October 24th while Daina shows her work (time is TBA). It’s October, they want to do some Halloween type stuff, and so my stories are very in season – very ripe. Yum…

Look Ma! I’m part of the Chicago underground art world!

Now I’m back…I had planned on being a little more eloquent with this entry….but I don’t feel well (not much rest in the last week)…so I shall go to bed. But…first…here is the updated mouse death count…as Lenore has struck again!

LENORE’S DEATH COUNT: Hey boy and girls! Jerry says, “Tom is a f*%k$@g pussy compared to Lenore. She’s taken out 30 mice already. That’s mass murder! I think she’s gunning for me next kids…I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes out that jack ass Tom for dessert.”