Ok, so according to the scheduel on the Schizoclub’s website (http://www.schizoclub.com/) Daina’s art exhibit runs from 4pm to midnight, this Sunday (the 24th) my readings will likely start around 7:30pm. So I’m starting to gather would-be audience members (I’ll have to swing by Eureka on Saturday night so I can drive Nick – and anyone else who wants to go – up with me on Sunday). The thought of entering a little corner of the starving artists of Chicago is exciting…but what do I read? Well, they want stuff to fit October…fit Halloween (and she asked ME if that would be a problem…). So here is a tentative list of what I’ll bring:

“The Halloween Tree”
“The Book of Life 2.0”
“For Poor Lucy”
“In Embryo”
“Spam, Death, and Milky Way Bars”
“Strumin’ Dis’ Chord”
“Teddy Bear Rex”
“Why the Crow Cries”
“Grandpa’s Key”
“Duck Tape Webs”
And maybe one or more of the monologues I wrote for Dee last year (“Requiem for the Taste Buds,” “Squeeze,” and “Like Chocolate – Like Candy”).

I’ll likely pick from this list…or who knows, some of them are pretty short (“Duck Tape Webs” is a story in 55 words) so maybe I’ll get to most of them. I might read a poem or two. Maybe “Poe Goes to the Singles Bar” and “Under the Bed.”

In other news…my awesome cousin Steve (one of the large League of Extraordinary Doetsch Men), I now can post pictures (my pictures) on the web. So I will give it a whirl. Halloween approaches which (among other scuttling things) makes me think of costumes and past costumes. Here are a few shots of Nick and I in our Jay and Silent Bob guises. These pictures are from we dressed up as them for the Fine Arts Dinner my senior year (and Dee was Mrs. Robinson….rowwww!). Of course…we dressed up as them the following Halloween (with a better wig and better costume) and won $300 at a club in Chicago.

And with that…I have to get to work on an essay so I can afford the time to go improv in Eureka tonight. Yay!