Due to coincidences and phone mess-ups I was not able to meet with a long lost Springfield friend on Thursday and am now convinced that the gods don’t want us to party together (as I type, I shake my fist to the sky…well…no…I’m shaking my fist at the ceiling…but after that is the sky…well…no…after that is drywall and pipes and then the sky…well…no…after that is carpet and another apartment…and after that is another ceiling, more drywall and pipes and shingles and then…then there is the sky…and why am I shaking my fist again?).

Oh well…I did run into another long lost Springfield chum. And there was more rum…deedle-dee dum.

And speaking of deedless and dees, I’m seeing another long lost friend, Dee, come Monday!!! Amy and her and I will be romping around the Eureka campus all day. Oh…it feels like we’re getting the band back together!!!


A friend and fellow Eureka alum, Mike Urnikis, is putting the finishing touches on his latest movie, an inde pick called BLACK DAYS (check out the website…it’s very good). My brother Nick and I helped out with this movie last winter (giving up a substantial portion of our winter breaks). I gotta give credit to Mike for pulling it off.

Here’s the poster for the movie:

Go to the website and click cast to find Nick and a pic of him as the character of Lewis.

Mike used to be the movie guy on campus. While at Eureka he made three short films and I got to help and be in two of them. He used to have images and such up on his website…but alas, I can no longer find them. However, I do have a few from one movie, When Death Comes Calling, where I got to play a contract killer…