Got through the madness of final finals day.  One hour of sleep between Friday/Saturday and a Shakespeare paper complete (TANGIBLE SHADOWS:  “Shadow” and “Nothing” as Tangible Entities in Shakespeare…want your paper to sound important…give it an important sounding title I always say…).

Delerious, I packed my things went to Eureka…then to Bloomington and played LARP for six hours and then back to Eureka and then to Morton and then to Wil’s party.  Fun, fun, fun.  Torrie and I kicked som ass at Trivial Pursuit (with some help from Christopher Walken).  Fell asleep on the couch.  Then I woke up just as a nasty leg cramp (ever notice how you wake up the second before it hits and, even half asleep, you know its coming).  I was about to leap off the couch and walk it off (timing is critical for a calve cramp).  That’s when I heard Fender making out with Bonny in the next couch over.  So now…in the split second before searing pain, I found myself asking the question, What is the ettiquitte in this situation?  Do I tough it out silently or do I jump up and pace around the room before two people in various states of undress?

I chose the former.  My calve muscles turned to into a dense mass of pain…and a few minutes later, relaxed.  This morning I found out that you walk that shit off, not only to avoid the immediate pain…but because that hurts the muscles (I’m still limping around!!!).

Oh well.

Now I’m back at Eureka, in Nick’s room.  I’ll be here untill he finishes up sometime Monday night or so.  Oh…and Lenore is with me, so any one on campus brave enough to meet her has the chance while I’m here (just go to Nick’s room).