Christmas has come and gone and I have not posted.

Some quick highlights…Christmas was low key, but fun. I got lots of DVD’s and a cool book of ancient ballads developed to comic book form. I also got a bottle of Captain Morgan’s Private Stock (I’ll never go back now). A few nights ago, I spilled a large tub of cocktail sauce out of the fridge…it landed on its side and rocketed its contents in a cone, soaking everything in that acrid cocktail smell, for a good nine feet. I whipped down everything…and then defined IRONY when I cleaned a bottle of Windex.

And now…on to the Lenore Mouse Death count. My beautifully iridescent pet has been a busy little rodent processor. The official count please:

LENORE’S”align=”Left”> DEATH COUNT: Hey Boys and Girls! Itchy says, “Lenore is a beast!!! She’s eaten 67 mice so far. The only way to deal with inevitable oblivion is to get piss drunk. Yes…sweat, sweat alcohol to carry me into netherworld…to make me forget my wasted life of blowing up cats…to dull razor pain of the monotony of life…

…stay in school kids.”

That’s a lot of mice. Way to go, Lenore.

For the rare and iridescent serpent whom I now name Lenore –
Nameless snake? No, nevermore.

And the Serpent, never winking, still is slinking, still is slinking
Through the shaded pall of shadow, her Hunger demanding, “More!”
And her eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,
And the mouse-lings can’t stop squealing for fear of this carnivore;
And these mice from out that shadow of her gullet full of gore
Shall be lifted – nevermore!

That’s all for now. Look for some strange word sketches and a glimpse into the underworld of my epic tomorrow. Or whenever I wake up.