I needed to center myself. I needed to center my project. There are ways to reach these levels of mystic tranquility. I decided to make a soundtrack to my book (I do this with stories sometime). It’s a little over 200 songs long (which might end up being a song per page). I shouldn’t take the time to list them all…but I’ll hit random and list the first twenty…

Random 20 songs of the SOULS UNSURE soundtrack:

1. Rolling Stones, “Paint it Black”
2. Nirvana, “Lake of Fire
3. Midnight Syndicate, “Spectral Masquerade”
4. Moby, “The Sky is Broken”
5. Midnight Syndicate, “Winged Fury”
6. Alloy Orchestra, “The Chase”
7. Foo Fighters, “Learn to Fly”
8. Coal Chamber, “My Mercy”
9. Live, “Lightening Crashes” [live version]
10. Guns N’ Roses, “Sympathy for the Devil”
11. Mickey Hart, “Udu Chant”
12. Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, “Drunk Daddy”
13. Gary Numan, “Dark”
14. Midnight Syndicate, “Raven’s Hollow”
15. Metallica (S&M), “No Leaf Cover”
16. Godsmack, “Bad Religion”
17. Smashing Pumpkins, “Disarm”
18. Echo and the Bunnymen, “Just a Touch Away”
19. Beethoven, “Moonlight Sonata”
20. Alice in Chains, “Down in a Hole”