Barnes & Noble is a dangerous place…and again I bought some books. Danger guide books seem big these days (and they all come in that nifty, compact, handbook format). There are the Worst Case Scenario Books and How To be an Action Hero (or fill in the blank) books. There’s even a Zombie Survival guide (you have that book too…right Alex?). Today I got the next step THE BATMAN HANDBOOK. Everything a would be crime fighter needs from how you’d actually throw a baterang (spell check just won’t let me get away with that word) to what you’d have to include in a bat-suit (hyphen beats spell check!). Oh what fun.

If I ever have the pleasure of writing a script for a Batman graphic novel, comic, or movie, I think I”d open it up with this quote (I love quotes):

“Day was departing, and the darkening air
Called all earth’s creatures to their evening quiet
While I alone was preparing as though for war”
-Dante, The Inferno, Canto II, Lines 1-3