Why can’t I sleep???

Can you get insomnia from sexual frustrations? Maybe it’s the weird hours I keep. It definitely has something to do with my crappy, school issue bed…I think its time I go to the store and get one of those down comforter things, as I’ve found I sleep well on those. Maybe I need to run every single day (the one benefit of my sleep deprivation is that I’m in better shape than I was a few weeks back and, at this rate, that’s only going to increase if for no other reason than I need sleep).

Guess I might as well be productive and watch some more X-Files episodes…

In other news, during the Verbal Arts Festival here on campus (I think its on April 9th), some of the writing/theatre folk are going to be doing a series of dramatic readings/performances. Three of my monologue/short stories (“Thorns,” “Requiem for the Taste Buds,” and “Squeeze”) will be performed by the folk (we’ll see how that goes, they aren’t necessarily the ideal types of people I want to see performing my stuff…but they are enthusiastic…though…confidentially…I’d rather have an EC cast).

The stories cover everything from broken up relationships (with a surprise ending on who the jaded lover really is…), stealing food from funerals, vegetarian cannibals, incubus demons, what the Raven really thinks of OJ Simpson, why Oprah is a Goth Queen, and a rubber dildo named Bob (yeah…definitely not one I’ll let Grandma read).

And, in another writer’s short play, I got to enact the part of Jaded Jesus (even get to “break” a butter crumb cake with my espresso).