Josh not sleep.

Josh Tired.


Josh not sleep, so that Josh may fall asleep early tonight (when it actually night) and wake up early to party in Chicago and drink the green river and swim in the green beer. Josh got down matress cover and super pillow to sleep good (soooooo good).

Words…almost gone. Josh use last of words to bring you a word of the day (Josh love to make up rediculous sentences to use big words….words hard).


stichomythia n : to speak dialogue in alternate lines also (ca 1861) : dialogue esp. of altercation or dispute delivered by two actors in alternating lines (as in classical Greek drama)

The Lord rested on the seventh day, but no one talks of the 8th day, well, not a day so much as several hours lost to recorded memory, hours that screwed up time and calendars, forevermore, requiring an extra day every so many years, just to clear the error, the hours when God and Lucifer sang a duet of harmony and discord, a stichomythia giving contrast to the wondrous, infant universe – light to shadow, melancholy to mirth, bitter to sweet, and, to the beauty of delicate, red petals, a vicious context in thorns.