So last night pretty much bit the big one.  I had escaped Springfield, past the boarder of boredom…but alas, the boredom boarder patrol are sharp on the trigger.  BAM!  Persephone, my addled convertible, finally made her death rattle…just 10 miles from friends and fun and drink.


Wait in the car.


Call AAA.


Wait for tow truck.


Wait during the ride home, in said truck.


Back in my apartment.


The highlight of the evening were some drunk calls from Wil.  I have no idea what was said in any of the long conversations we had.  There were English words in there…but any meaning was pretty ambiguous.  “Shit,” “cock,” and “fuck” were spliced in between words…and, at the height of the gibberish, I think he even managed to get the four letter words between the syllables of other words (that takes some deft vocalization Wil!).


Now I’m stuck here, indefinitely.  I’ve taken the opportunity to laze about and get extra sleep.  I’m glad I’ve gotten into running, as grocery shopping is going to involve several miles of hiking now.


Sandwiched between four walls, with just the thoughts in my head (and they have not been charitable creatures as of late).  I guess I can continue and “fix” my computer – I could get some work done – I could watch some movies – I could masturbate myself into a coma – I could stare and Lenore and observe the imperceptibly slow process of mouse digestion – I could carve poems into my walls with a screwdriver (sonnets on the walls and sestinas on the ceiling)…


Lot’s of options.