Days go by and where are we?

Friday was the Babylonian Festival of Ishtar – we celebrated by taking Torrie’s brother out for post 21st birthday drinking (I think the Babylonians would have approved).

Saturday was St. George’s Day – the midnight of which, it is said, all evil spirits and creatures hold sway. Indeed, bad things did hold sway and invaded an otherwise great pajama party. Fingers can point, but minds should remember that it was, in fact, St. George’s day and all evil things held…yada, yada…

It was also, on that day (4/23) that Shakespeare was born in 1564…and died in 1616.

Sunday was just a day…a full moon and a lunar eclipse. Torrie, Steve, Nick, and I trekked to the Bog and walked it. Torrie and I are faster than Steve.

On this day, in 1979, I was born.
On this day in 1980 Alfred Hitchcock died.

I’d like to think the universe was keeping some sort of balance.

Also sharing birthdays with me: Schindler, Sadam Husain (sp?), Jay Leno, Jessica Alba (rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrow!), and my cousin Scot.

And what do the days and the numbers and the happenings mean???

I don’t know…I’m still tabulating…