Haven’t had time to fool around with that seductive harlot, the internet, in quite some time.  A busy week…there is too much…let me sum up…


-The weekend before last – I reached a higher peak of drunkenness then ever I climbed.  It’s a dizzying view from that height.  Sorry Torrie…I didn’t mean to drink your whole bottle of expensive liqueur.  In my mind, at the time, we were all passing it around in a joyous circle…but I apparently only passed it to my face.  But fear not…I suffered for it mightily come morning (it doesn’t taste like blue on the way out!).


-End of the year, red tape BS at my school…boring and not worth going over.


-Got a call from Genenda (my ex).  She was desperate to find someone to teach a couple 2nd and 4th grade classes some improv theatre as she had to be at a job interview in Cicero on that day.  I was happy to help.  I have fun with kids…which makes me realize that, in the distant future, I will eventually have to become a parent…because, in this day and age, it does not pay to be an eccentric, adult male who “likes children” (thanks a lot Michael!).  In fact, I think I’d do ok at teaching…except I’d hate dealing with problem parents…and they probably don’t want to deal with me, since I tend to dress like the guy on all the neighborhood watch signs.  


-Anyway, the classes went well.  Genenda’s interview was cancelled, so she taught the class with me…our first real face to face interface in quite a while.  Afterwards, we went back to her place and had a talk.   Lot’s of awkward pauses there.  But, we verbally acknowledged the awkward pauses…thus stripping them of their wicked powers.  Tension.  Then…somehow…we slipped into doing more than talking.  Neither of us planned this, neither of us really initiated it, and it didn’t (in the end) change anything, and we were both up front about that.  We both tried, really hard, to feel bad about it…but I think we both failed.  Smiles.  Awkward smiles, but smiles none the less.


-That night (Thursday) was senior boat…and I got to visit the seniors that I remember as freshmen (sniff, sniff).  I like boat rides…my head feels very clear on open water…even in Peoria (I swear…you could get STDs by swimming in that shit).  Then, Wil and Brandy (the other Brandy) went out to karaoke.  Wil and I sang some Cherry Poppin’ Daddies.  At some point, I made a crack about something or other and Brandy turned to Wil and said, “Why doesn’t his wit rub off on you?” 🙂


-Saturday was graduation for said seniors.  Then a party at Wil’s place, which was a lot of fun.  Some of my favorite teachers even made it out for drinking and darts and disturbing humor.  I think Val, Wil, and I will likely get together this summer and compare writing notes…which would be very cool.


-At some point I left Wil’s with Steve and Nick.  We must have had a good time as we woke up in the only place we could find sleep…the storage room at Nick’s frat house (luckily…beds were amongst the items stored).


-Oh….and Friday, I was “exonerated” (my teacher promissed) for winning best critical essay of the year for my Shakespeare essay, The Fool: the irreverent wisdom card of the archetype tarot deck.  I unfortunately didn’t get an email about this event until the night before and had to work during it.  I got there just in time for someone to tell me it had ended a moment ago.  I did get my certificate and Dr. Lewis thanked me for all my work.  I feel kind of guilty that I wrote that essay the night before…but not much.


So now I’m moved out…but still in Springfield and will head back up to Northern Illinois after the Green Day concert on Tuesday.