Ahhhh….not much time for posting. If I’m not at Stage Combat Practice…I’m practicing after hours, icing and fixing the bodily damage I’m sustaining…getting a few laughs/drinks/movies in with the other students…or sleeping. Here’s some random stuff from the week.

-Learning things like aikido roles, falls, punches, kicks, flipping each other over (without hurting each other), learning all sorts of interesting new ways to bend my body, rapier fighting, sword saluting, sword thursts and swings, dozens of blocks/defenses/stances, quarter staff fighting.

-Tonight, after regular practice, we had a visit by one of the instructor’s friends who gave us a little workshop on film combat.

-The combat students are all cool and we’ve formed a pretty tight group (we’re from all sorts of various places in the state and country). We’re having crazy, college level fun…when we have spare moments. Over the weekend we did some partying in Bloomington. I kicked some ass at a game of flip cup (but only when I was drunk…not so good at it sober). I did some magic tricks…but wowed everyone (and committed a sleight of hand first for myself…and possibly magician’s everywhere) when I vanished a strawberry flavored condom in my hands…then produced it from my pants (safe sex and chicanery…that’s me).

-On Sunday…us stage combat folk took Nick and another student (Diago), blindfolded them, and dumped them into Eureka Lake, to celebrate their respective birthdays. That water really smells…

-I’m in desperate need for a tactile experience (other than flesh smashing into gym mat).

-The teacher says I have a GREAT snap kick (never thought of myself as a kicker).

-My ribs finally seem to be healing.

-Ice is good…Advil is gooder.

-Rum is goodest.

-I want to be a pirate…I’ve got rum drinking down and am working on the sword fighting and I don’t get sea sick. I’m just about there.

-I’m trying to sneak writing in here and there (haven’t done any real writing in far too long…chimerical demons are birthing in my head and they need some release soon)…but it’s hard to find the time.

-This update was brought to you by the words “Chicanery” and “Chimerical.” Look them up…grow…