Oh man…

You know when you go through an extended period of punishing your body – busy and little sleep – and then you get through the ordeal (hopefully smiling) and then, it’s as though your immune system’s foreman blows the whistle and says, “OK gang, closing time!”


I’m feverish and everything hurts (more so than the usual combat class pains).

But I’m happy.

I’m wearing my nifty T-Shirt all the classmates had made. We chose the slogan that our teacher used the most: POWER OF THE PELVIS. Yeah…it really gets used in every aspect of the fights (especially sword fighting…I’m too sick and tired to list off the phallic jokes here…so insert your own…oh…there was a joke right there…yeah…). The pelvis, as it turns out, gets used in arenas other than combat as well…so why not unlock its power? 😉

In really fun and happy news, my good friend Mike has a second showing of his indi film BLACK DAYS, which my brother, sister, and I worked on. It’s showing in Chicago, at the Gene Siskel Film Center on Saturday June 25th, at 11:45 am. I need to make my guest reservations. Mike has re-mastered the movie since it’s original showing and, AND, two execs from LA are coming out to view the film.

On a related topic, I now have a listing on the INTERNET MOVIE DATA-BASE.

That’s it for now. I have miles of writing to do (and unpacking to do before that)…but I’m in no shape tonight. Rest…

Power of the pelvis!!!