Ok, this is something I posted on my good friend Rich’s journal. But it kept going and ranting and I’m too tired to make my own post now. And since many folks seem sad and uncertain lately, I’ll just put it here. If you’ve been depressed about chasing your dream (whatever it may be) and find that there are shrill people trying to pull you down…then just fill in your name for Rich and enjoy.

Cheer up kiddies – if not to be happy, than at least to piss off the forces bringing you sorrow.

Misery loves company my friend.

They’ll frame it up for you so nicely. They’ll guilt trip you into thinking it’s irresponsible to chase those dreams. “How selfish of you to chase your dreams.” Masses of drone zombies trying to get the bite on you, make you a chewing, chattering drone. They’re souls are dead, their wombs are barren, their hearts pump ash and they HATE anyone with any romantic notions of their life or future.

And they put it under the false pretense of responsibility. Responsibility to some phantom work ethic god. Responsibility to the economy. Responsibility to children you don’t even have yet. Basically, responsibility to a bunch of invisible things.

They’ll tell you, that’s life.

You’ll defend yourself by telling them that they are a pessimist.

They’ll counter with, “I’m a realist.”

Ouch. Good repost. You’ll struggle against it…but something will sound right about that. They’re being realistic. You’re being delusional and selfish. You’re impaled. Match.


Their argument sounds kind of right because they are, in fact, being realistic. “Reality” and “responsibility” are their weapons in this argument…but they’re faulty.

They’re being realistic? Well, what ball-less sacks and jelly spined sods they are to have given in to reality so easily. Is that they’re only excuse? Reality? Defy reality. Piss in its eye. Excellence isn’t reaching out for those goals that seem most reasonable or likely…it’s busting past that layer, breaking a few knuckles, and grabbing juicy chunks of success and happiness that you have no realistic right to have.

They’ll wine, “security!” They’ll trade everything, their souls, their pride, their individuality, for security – even the illusion of security. They’ll use security as an excuse not to brave uncertain waters. They’ll sing fucking country songs about it.

Most people have some thing – maybe it’s writing or acting or carving bar stools or lab experiments or gymnastics or gardening the grounds of a university…we do that thing so reality can’t kill us. If acting is that thing, don’t give it up Rich. It won’t likely help your hypothetical kids. The world is full of teachers who punish their students and parents who punish their children, because they gave up their dream.

Forget defying the odds, that’s not so tuff. Defy reality. That’s a game worth playing.

Sometimes we have past and present successes or good friends or positive frames of mind to help us along. But these things can shift, can be impermanent. Sometimes the last line of defense is audacity. Audacity is the unkillable alley because it’s always there…at some point, it’s not even about succeeding, but defiance. Audacity beats bad financial straights. Audacity beats curmudgeony comments by our “wise” elders. Audacity beats a bad prognoses from a therapist. Audacity beats reality.

Realism is the philosophy of cowards who maintain the illusion of responsibility. Responsibility to others is good…but theirs is empty, they aren’t doing it out of any virtue.

The only difference between you, Rich, and those zombies…is that when they felt like you do right now…they gave in and sought “security.”

Here’s another secret of the world. Society has a natural pull towards mediocrity. It naturally tries to handicap, equalize things. Part of us love hour heroes and paragons…but the mediocre (whether they know it or not) want the playing field leveled. Society wants everyone to be “super” which means no one can be. They’ll target the exceptional – they’ll outlaw it – medicate it – amputate it – witch hunt it – convince it that it doesn’t exist, that it isn’t part of reality.

You are exceptional. Don’t let yourself be equalized.

That’s about it………

…………Oh! Tell the next “realist” you meet that there are only a couple of businesses in this world that are truly recession and depression proof – one of them is organized crime – the other is entertainment.