Some of you know what that means. The rest need to find out. Every year, Nick and I throw a slip n’ slide party. The back yard gets covered in tarp, the hoses are turned on – and then it’s sliding and torches and music and food and drink through the night and (usually) to the other side of morning.

The next Slip N’ Slide part is:
Saturday, August 6th (starting at about 4:00pm and running all night…so don’t worry about showing up late).

3911 Hale Lane
Island Lake, IL 60042

Any questions, just call the home phone at 847-526-2119 or my cell at 224-627-6836.

For those who have a long way to drive, we can put folks up for the night (before or afterwords).

So come one come all (don’t miss!). And spread the word. My invitation system is not, repeat not, organized. I’ve grabbed the email addresses I recognized in my book and spreading the word to friends. If you think someone should hear about this that hasn’t, chances are you should tell them. Bring a friend.

We put out some food and drink, but anything you bring is appreciated (but not required).

And, so you can start practicing your sliding form…here’s some pics from last year’s party.