Quick update…

This weekend was the Slip N’ Slide party. Enjoy the picks at the bottom of the post.

We slid, we drank, we talked, we laughed, we did many other things besides. Some of us laughed at the opening scene to the original Batman movie (with Adam West). I sang “The Necrophiliac Blues” (a song I wrote one day, bored in a car), in the voice of Christopher Walken (thus combining two impractical skills in the name of drunken entertainment).

I have to say…with no sleep and spending time with the few revelers still reveling after sunrise, with strangeness flowing easily from my mouth and laughs and laughs – I felt more like myself than I have in a while.

Today (last night rather) I saw Green Day for free, in Chicago, quite unexpectantly. Thanks Rich!

Talked with my advisor who has recently gotten married and is in academic seclusion, her email and phone number known only to me and maybe another couple people connected with school (she’s taking a year off to write…but still will advise me to my graduation bless her luminous soul). I have an actual deadline now for my rough draft of my epic – as late as I can go and still be in scheduel to graduate in December. September 26th. Good. I think I can do that. Ray Bradbury wrote The Martian Chronicles in ten days…so I’d hope I can do it.

There’s more, I’m sure…but I am tired.

PS – If you’ve been trying to get a hold of me in the last two weeks, and I’ve been neglegant in getting back to you…my appologies. My cell phone and I were having relationship issues…we’re going to hang out together more and see how it goes.