I live!


But just barely.  I’m drained.  I’m still recovering from the weekend and the move down the Springfield and the unpacking (which STILL isn’t quite done).  I’ve even been falling asleep before the sun marches into the sky.  Stranger and stranger…


So here is just a quick barrage of random things…we’ll pretend it’s a proper update:


-Apparently, White Wolf is just now getting to this rounds entries in their novel contest.  I won’t find out if I advanced until Halloween day.  This could, in theory, make for a very fine Halloween for me.


-Thursday I went down to Eureka (last Thursday…I realize It’s now Thursday…).  The next day a group of us had to get up, early, and brave the sun in Springfield at the State Fair to put on a demonstration of stage combat on behalf of Eureka college…come for the Reagan bust…stay for the swords.  Nick and I did some magic as well.  None of us had picked up a sword or done a warm up since the workshop…and we were rusty.  We had some trouble remembering how the fight went…but it did eventually come back and I did find that my pelvis could still do the things it had been trained to do…only with soreness to follow the next day.  I can’t wait till my and Nick’s swords actually come in so we can practice this more regularly.


-The rest of Friday was spent in a state of sunsick haze.


-Saturday I woke up early, again.  This time it was so Torrie and I could hit a music festival in Chicago, by the lake.  It was pretty cool.  Too much sun again…and this time my arms and face turned a bit red.


-There is more vitamin D in my system than has existed for years.


-Sunday I went with Torrie to her brother’s girl friend’s birthday party.  Torrie’s mom introduced me to someone with the best introduction I’ve ever gotten, Joshua:  parrot head, poet, and wanderer in the dark.”  I want that on a dust jacket…or my tombstone!


-At that dinner, I had the BLOODIEST steak I’ve ever had.  I like rare meat…and I’m used to having to overemphasize how rare to get it at the level I want…but this place delivered and I ended up with something rarer than even I’m used to.  I looked down to my plate to see something from animal planet (only lions are usually munching on it).  Sometimes I say I like a little blood with my steak…but this time I got some a little steak with my blood.


-At some point I moved my stuff to Springfield.  It’s hazy.  There was a lot of driving back and forth.  And now’s it’s Thursday in the am and I am tired.


So…until I regain conciousness (and hopefully a little more of it) – this is your friendly neighborhood parrot head, poet, and wanderer in the dark.


Night kids.