I learned some Civil War era dancing on Friday (I never plan for these things to happen…they just do).


I learned that I and my brother will be performing an extended magic show, in a couple of weeks…he just hadn’t thought to let me in on it (it’s great when you learn about the great show your going to perform, from a stranger…when you don’t even know about it).  Got to get our old stage stuff together.  Oh well…it’s for a fatty $400+ check and I need that.


It was great to see those of you who I saw at the high-lighter party in Saturday.  Unfortunately it was brief (I miss hanging out with you all) – and I missed some partying as I was talking with my Ex about Ex type things and by the time I made it back…the cops had yet again busted it all up (and for the last time).  That is agravating.  As an alumni, I’m outraged at having them cut into my post-grad fun time.  Damn police.  All I have in defense are words…but then…Kansas wanted me to write an article…


Back at school.  I’m digging in.  And now I will hide myself away in a little mind cave and make the dash to finishing this book (or rather a draft of it) by the 26th.  It’s a little scary.  But then…Ray Bradbury wrote The Martian Chronicles in something like nine days, on a type writer, at a library, that he had to pay for by the hour.  I’ve got my own desktop, laptop, and a 400+ (that’s twice in this post that I’ve mentioned the sum “400+” and they are both completely unrelated) song playlist to get me there.