I feel a coma coming on.


So I’ve given up on trying to catch up on all the posts I had planned on making in the last week and a half.  There just isn’t time.  I’m swimming in an epic poem sea and my world is centered on this fallen angel…and a voodoo priestess…and today I visited a bar owner who was a former priest…and a tabloid journalist who discovers something shocking…and the shape of the universe (and why the city and the veldt are the same)…and a little boy who pulls wings off of flies (to the background, in my head, of “Change in the House of Flies,” by the Deftones)…and a really dark muse who wants to eat everybody’s eyes…and ash…always there is ash…ash links it all together…and when I’m done, it’ll all hopefully make more sense than this.  It  begins and ends with the opening of a door.


Oh…and Elizabeth Bathory (the Blood Countess), Leviathan, the Windego, the Devil (in a much different guise), a vomiting knight, and a psychic sex-line girl are all slated to make cameos…and we’ll all find out how Jesus learned to walk on water (I have to do this in a week!?!?!).


I’m going to slither out of my cloths and into bed now…


PS – The prospect of being a godparent has me totally, and unexpectedly giddy.