Holy-torporous-sleep Batman!


My plan was to get an actual eight hours sleep, to curb the delirium…but I slept straight to this evening!  I think I needed it.  The last few days were starting to meld together and spectral crows and voodoo chants were taking on far more reality than…reality.  I’m pretty sure my toe is broken…but I honestly don’t remember how or when.  My vague recollections seem to indicate that The pain’s been with me for at least a day or two.


I did wake up, at noon, just enough to answer my phone and receive a most happy call.  On a whim (and because one of my friends here at school said I should give it a shot) I tried out for a part in UIS’s next theatre show, Oedipus Rex.  I’ve never tried out for any shows here and don’t really know anyone in the theatre department.  Since grad school started, I’ve mostly been shut away in the writing program (with occasional theatre activity in Eureka).


So I tried out.  Didn’t know anyone.  Didn’t have a prepared monologue.  Wasn’t all that nervous.  Not a big deal either way.


Then call backs.  Same thing.  Cold readings.


This time the director talked with me a bit at break.  I think I may have been one of the only people to bring in a resume (and…besides a little gap in the last couple years, it’s pretty full).  Turns out the program here is pretty young and he was curious that I had suddenly popped out of the woodwork this late in the game (like I said, I know almost no one outside my little writing program).


Well, a call came today, informing me I got the lead.  I’ll be playing Oedipus.  Which is cool.  I’ve always liked the play – even wrote a couple of short stories that bend the metafiction of the story – one that tells Oedipus’s story…only he’s a teddy bear – and another that combines Oedipus Rex, Poe’s “The Conqueror Worm,” and Jerry Springer.


So it’s back to a full length theatre production for me.  So – Nov 4-6 and 11-13, I’ll be playing Oedipus here in Springfield.


That’s right!  I get to be the stage’s first MOTHERF#$*%ER.