My lunch came up 6.66 and I had to grin.
My alternative loan came up 0.00 and I had to frown.

This morning, I lost my sense of humor. I always knew it was a pretty good defense mechanism for me – to cope against the nasty things and the banal things in the world…but I never realized, how much it shielded me…until I felt all that bad stuff rain down, unprotected and naked. It was pretty bleak. I felt like Don Quixote at the end of The Man of La Mancha – laying, feeble in bed, with all his illusions gone.

I have it back now. Bullet proof vest. Shields up. Wear your rubbers. Wear a rubber. All systems go. I’m chasing windmills again.

And I don’t know what it is lately…if in my sleep, I do circus tricks on my bed and stand on my head for hours, followed by displays of back flips and body contortions…but my neck HURTS. I just want someone to rub my neck and whisper that everything will be all right…or maybe just hum the Mario Brothers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themes in my ear…that’d help too.

This isn’t a complaint post, just an update. At the end of the day (and my life happens at the end of the day) I’m writing a hip, epic poem – I walked onto this school’s stage for the first time and snagged the lead role (one I always wanted to play) – and I have long hair that induces numerous hot girls to play with it.

I can’t complain too much.