“It’s minty,” said the make-up girl as she licked the blood off my gory forearm and then invited everyone else backstage to try it out…


I keep trying to update…and I keep running out of time.  So here are some highlights.


Halloween weekend…I went to a great haunted house…Jeramie and Amy were kind enough to treat my poor ass…a giant skeleton chased us…Amy wears the left pant-leg in the family.  That was Friday.  Saturday I went up north, partied with friends at the bars and clubs.  I was a pirate.  Nick was Willy Wonka.  I’ll show some pictures soon.  Sundays I saw The Fantastics and, it was…well…I’ll avoid the clichéd pun and say it was good.  Then it was horror movies in Eureka (and Simpsons Halloween specials).


Monday I was able to finally resolve my financial aid situation here at the school…apparently all I had to do was talk mean until I was given to someone with enough power to actually help me.


Wednesday was more money into the revenue collectors maws at Eureka’s court house.  On the upside, my hair got played with.


It’s been very exciting and very tiring playing the part of Oedipus.  The last few days have been a blur or play rehearsals and trying to cram a jillion lines in my head.  It seems to be going well.  The cast and director seem to think I’m doing well.  We had a reporter come in and question a few of us and take pictures.  Apparently my mug and quotes made it into the paper (thank you Torrie for nabbing that for me).  Every night, they add more and more blood for my final scene and I get stickier and stickier and the chorus gets more and more grossed out…mind you I can’t see them…but I can sense them squirming away.  Apparently, Oedipus is mint flavored in this particular interpretation of the classic.


Tickets for the show are starting to sell.  If you want to attend…let me know.  Info is HERE.  Spread the word.  See gallons of blood come out my skull windows.  And I noticed you Eureka folk are doing Antigone in the Spring…why what better way to prepare?


The teacher of a creative writing class I am in, Joanna (who was a student with me until she graduated) is taking a class from another school on some kind of workshop, watching Oedipus Rex here at UIS and then having some kind of talk.  She wanted to bring two short stories I’d written, using the Mofo.  I just emailed them to here.  “Teddy Bear Rex” was published in ELM last year and tells, in one page, the story of Oedipus…if he was a Teddy Bear (hey…it could happen).  The other one “The Complex” mixes Oedipus Rex, Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Conqueror Worm,” and Jerry Springer and gets the award for strangest story I’ve written (and maybe the darkest).  Depending on when this workshop is…I might make an appearance (attention whore that I am).


OK…I’m out…I’m one tired mother-fucker.