Dear Josh,
I have read all of the six pieces of your thesis that you sent.  I sent them sometimes to one address and sometimes to the other and occasionally to both.  Let me know if they all got through to you or not; I can re-send.
The thesis is taking shape, which is very good.  You now enter the part of this process which will consume all of your time.  You can find a thousand reasons to postpone finishing the writing and only one to finish it–and only you can define the one!  Whatever that reason–type it and print it and post it where it will haunt you.  Otherwise, this novel can forever be a dream or a nightmare. 
As soon as it is done, the end of January!, print the whole thesis and mail me a printed copy.  I need the hard copy for tracing the themes and images.  I will get the edited copy back to you as quickly as possible–I’m saving the first week of Feb just for your thesis. But that can only happen IF you get me the printed copy before that week.
You have an original concept and the research and talent to finish this thesis.  Now it is the time to pull all of that together and get it done.  Write to me every couple of weeks and tell me where you are in the process–how many pages are done–how much of book I, then Book II, then Book III are actually on paper.  I wish I could be in Springfield or at least in IL to help you through this process more, but that cannot be, so you must get this done without me being there to REMIND (this is a kinder word than you might use during the process–smile) you. 
Just get it done!!  All of it!!
I know the play is done–or nearly so–and you are at least half way through your other classes–now to finish this degree–this thesis.  This is the passport to the next degree or job–if you want to go there.
I can’t wait to read the whole novel–what I’ve read so far is as good, better!, than what I’ve been reading over the summer. 
Take care.  Keep in touch.  And write!