OK…I’m conscious again.


I recall a delirious week of getting four Shakespeare papers (procrastinators aren’t we all) written, moving back north, and finishing the papers that didn’t get done in time (all my stuff, clothes and all, still packed in my car…just my laptop and lots of Pepsi).


Then a couple days of sleep…


And now I’ve got most of my brain cells back.


Let’s see…


-I’m back in Northern Illinois!!!


-My short story “Teddy Bear Rex” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


-I’ll start up, full time, again on my epic poem (my thesis), Souls Unsure, which means my dreams will again be filled with voodoo, black plumed carrion birds, and lost angels…but then…that isn’t a whole lot different than usual.


-I’ll set up a meeting (now that I’m North side) with a surrealist artist I met a while back in Chicago, and who says she has some darkly angelic artwork already done, for the epic poem, for me to sample and comment on.


-After I finish the draft of my thesis, at the end of January, I’ll head right into writing my novel for the final round of White Wolf’s novel contest (I’m the only one left with a three name byline…I can’t loose).  So I’ll need to do some research on medical examiners (will likely try and contact whoever I need to contact at the Chicago medical examiner’s office to see if I can maybe get an interview and a tour).


-I just put together a “Winter Moods” playlist for my mp3 player, centered around Nox Arcana’s Winter’s Knight, with some Midnight Syndicate tracks, a healthy dose of Danny Elfman, a dash of medieval tunes, and a hint of Moby.


-I went to see Troy play at Double D in Chi-town with Mike Urnikis last night (Troy did a music video for Mike’s indi film BLACK DAYS).


There’s probably more.  I’m still getting set up in my room and getting reacclimated.