Last week, a pack of coyotes all howled and whooped in waves of wailing. One coyote howling is cool and spooky (not as spooky as a wolf howl…but certainly distinguishable from a dog howl). When more than one go at it, it goes in rolling waves of unexplainable sound and is, I imagine the very same sound a person hears at the exact moment they go insane. I think they made a kill of some kind, and wailed thanks to whatever shivering, fanged thing that wild dogs give thanks to.

The other night, when a foot of snow came, my dad dragged out the snow blower. After our drive, I went with him and helped those neighbors who didn’t have any shovel (some we knew…some we didn’t). It was kind of like being a duo of superheroes…only our power was to fling snow at great velocity.

Writing and writing and writing and cabin fever is starting to intrude and soon, very soon I’m going to have to seek out some friends, old or new, and spend some socializing time, and stay just sane enough.