Just for grins, here’s what Josh is listening to, while he writes his dark epic poem – here’s the first 25 tracks I get (when I hit RANDOM) on my thesis playlist:


1. Gary Numan, “Dark”

2. Smashing Pumpkins, “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”

3. Stone Temple Pilots, “Vaseline”

4. Alice in Chains, “Bleed the Freak”

5. Nox Arcana, “Winters Knight”

6. System of a Down, “Chop Suey!”

7. Disturbed, “Fade to Black” (cover)

8. V-Shaped Mind, “Monsters (Under the Bed)”

9. Alice in Chains, “Down in a Hole”

10. Nox Arcana, “Gregorian Hymn”

11. Midnight Syndicate, “Born of the Night”

12. Nine Inch Nails, “Dead Souls”

13. Graeme Revell, “Bury the Hatchet” (soundtrack theme from Sin City)

14. Nirvana, “Lake of Fire”
15. Lacuna Coil, “To Myself I Turned”
16. Moby, “Everloving”
17. White Zombie, “Blood, Milk, and Sky”
18. Trevor Jones, “Into the City” (soundtrack theme from Dark City)
19. Candlebox, “You”
20. Evanescence, “Ascension of the Spirit”
21. David Draiman, “Forsaken”
22. Rolling Stones, “Paint it Black”

23. Crash Test Dummies, “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”
24. Stone Temple Pilots, “Tripping on a Hole in a Paper Heart”
25. Lucigen, “Cadaver”