OK, Josh seriously has to shut down now…for several hours. We’re talking 3rd person serious. I typed all night last night, I thought I’d be sending the last of it today. But it keeps growing. I did a condensed version (pretty much jumps only from major plot point to major plot point…with no deviations) and it still grows. I typed 41 pages last night and today (over…ugh…11 hours of writing). I sent what I had off. It’s about 235 pages right now. I think I’ve got 40-50 to go tonight.

I woke up yesterday, holding an extra pillow close…but I can’t remember who the girl was in the dream…lost it at the moment of waking…and she turned to a pillow.

This morning, after writing, I went by the mirror and thought for sure I had a bruised eye…then the other one looked the same…and I realized that my eyes were just that dark…wow…it made them look sunken in. Freaky. Need sleep.

And maybe I’ll find out who the pillow was…