Well…last night was a craptastick misadventure (and my computer is trying to tell me that “craptastick” is not a word…but I am a more willful carbon based life form that that).

I left Bloomington, headed for Eureka, and then BAMB. My tire disintegrated. I started looking for my flash light and Nick came to the rescue to help out. So we get the tire changed, in the frigid cold. I pull out, with Nick still in his car on the side of the road. A minute later I get a call, “Josh, you’re not going to believe it, but my battery went dead.”

So I turned around to rescue Nick…and then, a mile down the road, I have to make a phone call to Nick, “Nick…you’re not going to believe it, my spare just went flat.”

So……someone comes out to get jumper cables from my stuck card, Nick gets his car jumped, and I awaited the tow truck. I finally got to Eureka a little before 7 am.

So here I am Eureka folk!

Other than the car problems, it’s been a good weekend. I’ve gotten a chance to relax and see real, live people. Torrie came up to hang out on Friday, got to see more folk on Saturday, and am about ready to join the world at large again.