Everyone have fun on St. Patty’s.


I’ll be inside writing 😦


I’m not Irish anyway…I guess.  I have some Brit blood…so if anyone wants to bomb me, I guess that’d be appropriate.  At least now I’ll have some company, since I typed in “bomb” (that’s twice now) I’m sure I’ll be under some sort of surveillance.


My plan is to write all night.  Finish the second draft of my thesis monster.  Finish up the script for the magic show.  Print and mail the thesis.  Then, drive straight to Eureka for the show tomorrow (and then a week of preparing the magic show), forgetting sleep, as I think a couple hours nap will just make it worse.


I ride the hills of caffeine, laughing mad, hoping I don’t hit bottom before I’m done . . .

I might treat myself to some rum before the night is done.