So last night, the magic show came to an end.  I think it went well.  The audience responded and laughed at the places that we wanted them to (and even gasped at a place where we weren’t expecting it).  Though Nick did a silly thing with a lit match, he managed to finish the performance without engulfing himself in flames.


…all that, and I got to write in a joke about the Reagan bust and one about C3PO’s genitals.  So all in all, I’m satisfied.

And it looks like Nick and I will be performing a bit of our magic act at a berlesque show, in Chicago, come May (and we get paid…to perform with berlesque performers!).

We had planned to drink heavily after the show, but went out to eat with the parents, and it was late by the time we got back and we were too exhausted to really go seek out fellow revelers on campus.


After a hectic week, I took my prize of a free Sunday and slept a lot of it away.  The only other objectives were to go see V fro Vendetta, grab some Taco Bell, and drink lots of rum while watching Adult Swim.  I accomplished all of those goals . . . and on my day off to.


Tomorrow, I think, I’ll head to a book store, drink some coffee, and start figuring out this White Wolf novel (finally!) – not to mention figure out what I’m going to say for my 15 minute speech at the Writer’s banquet on Tuesday.  I’m nervous.  I have no problem performing or reading stories to an audience, but speeches still give me butterflies (only they have bat wings and red eyes).  On top of that, I found out that a Pulitzer Prize winning author is going to be speaking at the same event.  Yikes!  I feel like a kid with a kazoo opening for the Rolling Stones . . .


That’s all for now.  I have other thoughts and feelings I want to put down . . . but I’m tired and they escape me.