I now have an official date for my defense of my epic poem (where I meet with my committee and defend and answer questions about my book) as well as my public reading (where I read excerpts of the book and do a Q and A with the audience). That takes me to one of the final steps of my graduation this May (which looks more definite now).

The public reading is Tuesday, April 18th at 6 pm, on campus in Springfield. It’s open to the public, so anyone who can make it out is certainly welcome.

OK…tomorrow I’ll write the forward to the epic. Then, after that, I’ll go back to working full time on my White Wolf novel (due at the end of May). I won’t post the opening chapter or synopsis online (as I don’t think I’m supposed to give that all away to the public at large)…but anyone insanely interested could ask me in person (as I might need feed back as I go).

Sun’s up soon and to bed I go . . .