So an update before I drop off.

I don’t really have a home as such, at least it doesn’t seem that way, as I’ve been very much a vagabond lately. A couple weeks in Eureka for the magic show, improve show, and creative writing speech. Then home for about a day. Then suddenly off to New York to help my sis move out her things from an apartment that would evict her soon.

Rescuers away!

In New Jersey I broke my big toe, falling off a very narrow bed. In New York I saw bad traffic. Near Philadelphia I visited a longtime-no-see cousin and went into his photography studio, after hours, to play poker with his friends and ended up winning the $100 winner-take-all jackpot in a Texas Hold’em game – which his friends found a little disheartening being that I was a suspicious looking, fedora clad stranger from Chicago who did magic.

Then I drove a lot.

Now I’m back for a bit, but I gotta arrange getting down to Springfield for my reading on the 18th – though I think I’ll go a few days early to visit friends in Springfield.

My lizard woke up from its hibernation (why is it that every time I talk about one of my pets, it sounds like a euphemism?). It turns out it’s pretty wild and I’ll have to work to tame the beast. I’ll get some welding gloves this evening . . .

In other news, this damn, still unfinished Forward to my book is taunting me!!!