My nomad/gypsy life continues . . .

Post New York adventure, I had a few days at home in northern Illinois. Then down to Springfield. I had my Defense for my thesis Tuesday morning (yes . . . I was up in the morning, I even had this meal that the natives in the cafeteria call “breakfast” . . . I’m not sure if it’s a long or short “e” in the pronunciation, I’ll have to research that). The Defense went pretty good. There were suggestions of things I could do post graduation, with it, to make it stronger, but there was no question as to my passing – in fact, hefting the giant pile of pages, my 2nd reader said that this was really a doctoral work.

That night I had my public reading. Torrie and Genenda showed up to give their support, as did a few of my former writing buddies (all of whom graduated), who I missed dearly. One of them, Joanna, teaches a writing course at UIS now and brought her whole class over to listen (which really bulked up my audience).

Afterwards, she said they were all very excited, after seeing an example of a final project and that I was “something of a rock star to all of them now.” She also said I needed to teach a class or workshop in writing.

Wednesday I got to hold my soon-to-be goddaughter!!!

I also saw the opening night of Antigone which made a nice, circular completion to Oedipus, from last semester (it was good to see what became of my daughter/sisters).

Then it was a little rum, then it was a drive back home, late into the night.

And now . . . off to the airport (I don’t even bother unpacking my bags anymore) to go to Boston for this year’s magician’s conclave, near Cape Cod, in a town that sounds suspiciously like a setting from one of H.P. Lovecraft’s tales. I think it’s called Fal Mouth (I may have messed up the spelling).

Have you hugged your Cthulu today?