Tomorrow is my birthday . . . is jut snuck up on me.


I’ve been asked, by a few people, what I plan on doing for the b-day.  Originally, I had contemplated going down to Central IL and celebrating . . . but my novel deadline is fast approaching and I don’t think I can afford another weekend+ of travel.  Because, the thing I want most for my birthday is a published novel and a fatty advance.


So, I guess I’ll do some small amount of celebrating tomorrow and do a bigger bash of fun with friends, on a much belated birthday after the novel deadline (which will be the beginning of June).


And just what am I writing?  Well, it’s a novel about monsters and strange Lovecraftian horrors and crime and mystery and a bit of deep noir set in White Wolf’s World of Darkness setting.  But, past all that, it’s a macabre sort of love story, on the other side of entropy.  If I had to sum it up with song lyrics . . . I think Torrie’s bro’s band does nicely:


“CADAVER” by Lucigen


strained stare in a new light

and a walk among the dead

in the moonlight

I know it’s strange but will you

try and realize this time

I could never paint you in memories

though I promised you my eternity

I could die with everything in harmony

with your golden eyed cadaver

falling over me


showering down in the window

leak the stars dust into your pillow

and I’ll whisper something

you will never know

forever these feelings will drift with me

all the currents will singe

with your purity

and with the strength

of a thousand antihistamines

and your golden eyed cadaver

falling over me


when do you suppose

they’ll come after you

will they come fro me

when they have recovered you

I’ll be the same as I was

when I endangered you

you’re a golden eyed cadaver

I’m in love with you