A few weeks ago, driving across the middle of Illinois in the middle of the night (it’s my favorite thing to be in the middle of) Nick and I listened to my MP3 player as I drove.


“This is the play list for my White Wolf novel,” I told him – my novel about monsters and a strange sort of love story between a medical examiner and a corpse he falls in love with and sets off to avenge.


We listened to the dark tunes – the Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains, audio tracks of Poe, etc.  But then, a few of the “off” songs came on, sentimental love songs – R.E.M. singing “One I Love”, a love them by The Alloy Orchestra, “I Alone” by Anouk, UB40’s cover of “I Got You Babe.”


“What are those doing on this play list?” Nick asked.


“I put them in the mix,” I said, “to act as a sort of discord to the mood.  Imagine you just heard a dark song . . . then a happy love song comes on . . . now imagine it’s sung for a dead girl . . .”


A mischievous smile of realization crept across Nick’s face, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh . . . gotcha.”