It’s that time of the year again.


Can you feel it?


That time to combine drink, tribal music, torchlight, and a kiddy water sport to form the legendary . . .




That’s right, slipping and sliding down a giant tarp in the middle of the night.  If you’ve been to one of our past slip n’ slide parties, I needn’t say more.  If you haven’t . . . get off your ass!  It’s more fun than acquiring dozens of bruises should be.


WHEN:  Saturday, July 29th – from 4pm to sun-up


WHERE:  3911 Hale LaneIsland Lake, IL 60042


WHO:  You.  Yes you reading this.  Grab a swimsuit and be there.  Those who may be coming from far away and need to carpool, give me a buzz and we might be able to arrange something (especially you central IL folk).


We’ll have a little bit of food and drink available, but any drink or snack item you can bring along to add to the mix is appreciated.


Also, we are not always able to get the word out to everyone that we want, so be a dear and pass this along.


Come dressed as a pirate and get an extra prize (well . . . ok, we don’t have any prizes, but isn’t dressing as a pirate reward enough?).


take care my little puppets,


Joshua (who is wearing a pirate hat at this very moment)


PS – Check out these pics from past parties: