It’s been a while.


And where did we leave off . . .


-I’ve been asked a lot and no, I haven’t heard from White Wolf yet, regarding the novel contest.  But I didn’t expect to hear from them so soon.  Hopefully any day now . . .


-I had an escaped lizard . . . I had an escaped lizard . . . but managed to coax it back into its cage.  Its sex is unknown.  It doesn’t yet have a name yet.  I’m still doing the delicate work of taming it.  It’s grown freaking huge.  And it looks something like this:


-Last week I visited Reading, Massechusetts, with some writing buddies, to meet a former teacher of ours.  I went on a bad witch tour in Salem – visited the House of the Seven Gables – put two pennies on Henry David Thoreau’s grave – and went whale watching.  I was impressed with how many whales were out there.  I saw three different species, maybe a couple dozen individuals, and a humpback whale calf leaping out of the water.


-My brother Nick and I now exist (by popular demand . . . not really) as a mostly naked flash animated computer game that you can play HERE.  You can thank my cousin, flash maestro Steve.  The pics are from our Tenacious Deech poster from earlier in the year – which Steve also made and which he promised to use to make something embracing for us.  And thus we have this game.


-Speaking of Steve and flash animation, he’s currently helping me make my website, which (with the looming possibility of having a book published) seems more and more necessary.  We’re talking over a lot of cool ideas on animation, style, pics, and mood and I think it’ll be a really cool website with some nice extras.  More news on that as it develops.


-Today nick and I were on the set of a short film being made by a friend of ours, Matthew Jacobson.  It’s a post apocalyptic sort of film.  Nick is acting in it and I helped polish the script.  The working title (at the moment) is Wastelands.  We filmed in some woodsy area near Lake Geneva.  Nick got to gut a fish on camera and I had the pleasant task of trying to explain what we were doing to a few teenagers who drove by . . .


“Dude, what are you guys doing here?”

“Making a short film.”

“What about?”

“It’s a sort of post apocalyptic thing.”

“ . . . .” [confused looks]

“These guys are trying to escape the ruins of the city and are attacked by these violent tribes.”

“Oh . . . you mean like in Africa.”

“No . . . it’s uh . . . in the future.  Civilization fell and . . .”

“Oh, so it’s about gangs?”

“No, it’s . . . uh . . . yeah.  That’s what it’s about.”



And they drove off, which was probably a good thing as it was too hot out to have an in depth discussion with them and explain that, no, “post apocalyptic” was not a country in Africa.


-Slip N’ Slide party on the 29th.  Be there!


I think that catches us up to the present.  There may be more.  But I have to crash.