So I haven’t updated in a while.  I’ve been on the go.  Want some random memory snapshots?  Come along . . .



Recently took a ten day Florida trip with the family.  All the siblings are now graduated, so we took this family outing before we all split off, and took advantage of this cheap Disney off-season deal (while all the other children are at school . . . mwahahahaaha!).


It was fun.


It was tiring.


I formed a nasty, exploding blister on both heels from using an untested pair of sandals.  I’m still healing/limping.


I heard Steve Irwin died while I was in the shower at my aunt and uncles place.  Later that day I snorkeled at a simulated reef at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon where, years prior, I had almost stepped on a sting ray.


Nick complained about everyone thinking he looked like Johny Depp/Jack Sparrow.  My sympathies were lacking.  Guys that are told they look like Kevin Smith have little sympathy for guys who are told they look like Johny Depp.  Kevin Smith’s who go to Disney night clubs and stand next to Johny Depp’s receive little attention.



No news yet.  Sorry.  Hopefully I’ll hear soon.  I’ve completely eaten my own finger nails and have started chewing on the nails of anyone that comes within reach (which gets me weird looks on the train and bus).  News as it develops . . . slowly.



So I’ve visited Springfield the last two weeks for a writing class I’m taking with my old teacher (kind of a non-degree thing to keep me writing and to see some of my favorite writing group people).  I got to drop off coppies of my thesis (long overdue) to the rest of my committee members).


I also got to pick up my acting award from my director from last years Oedipus (incidentally, you can read a complaint about my “tasteless use of the word bitch” in a less than favorable review HERE – just scroll down to the bottom story).  I won the “Outstanding Theatre Student 2005-2006” award.  I thought it would be a standard plaque . . . but it’s pretty cool looking – a big chunk of glass – the kind of award you can commit a brutal murder with.


Speaking of awards, I got this forwarded to me:


Hi Jim,


I am nominating Josh Doetsch’s thesis, Souls Unsure, for the English Outstanding Thesis.  A published chapter of his thesis, “Teddy Bear Rex”, has already been nominated for an IL Council Award and for a Pushcart Award.


A copy of it is available in the English Office for all to enjoy!





Nancy later talked to me (she’s teaching the class I’m in) and told me not to hold my breath, as fiction usually gets looked over by the more “important” topics.  But . . . she think maybe mine could go somewhere, break through.  If I win out in the English department, it goes on to the school, and in the unlikely event that I won out completely, I’d have to give an big, stuffy speech (I think maybe I’d just read the entire thing and yell at anyone who tried to sneak out after the 8th hour of reading).  I like nominations, they give some of the good feeling of getting an award, with none of the pressures.


Speaking of “Teddy Bear Rex.”  It was just published, again, in THE WRITERS BLOCK.



Recent travel has cost me sleep.  I was up for 40 hours or so before I crashed at Torrie’s place on Wednesday night.  Thursday, awoke me from what I can deduce a very deep level of REM sleep as my motor skills were impaired and it took me awhile to arise from the couch and gather my things.


“Uh . . . it’s like my brain has a dial-up connection with my body . . . and I want DSL.”



I heard that my Grandmother turned to my little sister and up and asked, “So, how’s your love life?”  This is only funny if you know my Grandmother.  These are not the kinds of words that leap out of her mouth, especially to the baby sibling of my family.


It made me think of my love life . . . or the rather, the empty space that now has a banner that reads “YOUR AD HERE” where a love life used to be.  I’ve been single for roughly . . . a hundred years now.  Mayhaps it’s time to seek dates.  I’m not sure I remember how or how much my social skills have atrophied – as lately, when I try and ask a girl for her number, it just comes out as me slapping the side of their head, waving my arms in the air and yelling “Junga!  Ju-junga!”



Lately, I’ve visited a live reading/story group called TWILIGHT TALES, in Chicago (at the very cool, British style pub, THE RED LION).  This Monday, the 25th is an open mic reading, and a special one.  They have a drummer coming in to play improvised drums to go along with the open mic poetry.  I’m going to go read something of mine.  Anyone interested in attending?



That’s all for now.  I’m sleepy.  But you should know I’ve typed this entire entry while wearing a pair of green skeletal gloves I bought when I went to the all night Walgreens to get special bandages for my feet . . . but instead wandered down the Halloween isle.  It makes typing difficult, but entertains me greatly.